Business Consulting

We will leverage the network we have built to support your business.

Expansion into Japan and Switzerland

・Global Expansion.
・Europe, America, Arab countries, India, Sri Lanka.
・New Business Development.
・M&A (Business Acquisition, Sale).
・Promotion & Marketing.
・Headhunting (Talent Recruitment).
・Alliance Development.
・Introduction of Various Experts and Business Partners.

Family Office

・Awareness and Advocacy
– Research and Studies.
– Lectures and Seminar Instruction.
– Consulting for Financial Institutions.
– Planning and Hosting Study Programs for Switzerland Tours/Training.

Expansion into Switzerland

・Company/Organization Establishment
– Establishment and Operational Support.
– Joint Ventures.
– Strategic Partnerships.
-Director, Accounting, Finance, Reporting Services.

・Business Matching
– Sales and Procurement.
– Franchise Agreements.

– Arrangements with Financial Institutions.
– Introduction of Investors and Investment Opportunities.
– Private Equity.
– M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).