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Financial Advisory / Consulting & Mentoring

Financial Advisory

FAMOS tailors your financial needs and provides solutions for long-term wealth preservation. As a trusted advisor, FAMOS provides second opinion and strategy consulting to support businesses, family affairs, health issues, education of the next generation, succession, investment opportunities, etc. Experienced in creating a tailor-made allocation strategy, it coordinates and supervises the implementation.

Financial Lectures 

Learn about the financial basics

We provide comprehensive lectures on essential financial concepts and money management. Our curriculum includes an in-depth exploration of the Swiss Financial System, aimed at empowering the next generation with crucial knowledge and fostering effective retirement planning.

 The lecture is structured as follows:

  • Fundamental information on finance and investments
  • Introduction to the four pillars of social security
Learn about the financial basics

Advisory Services

We can help you:

Entering another market

We have the capability and the network to assist you with various market approaches. With our great experience in the Swiss and Japanese markets, we will not only open up connections but also help with strategy development.

Scaling up

We are able to scale up your business in sophisticated ways, based on knowledge of personal experience. Using these different strategies, your business can be expected to show above-average growth.

Business Administration

Using well-established business models, we will reanimate your business and bring it to the next level.

Being A Mentor



As your mentor, we give you access to our large network, ranging from financial services, family office services, and the tech industry in Europe, the US, and Asia. 


In order for your business to grow and develop ideally, we will share not only our business experience but also our rich personal experience.


Whether personal or business-related questions, we will endeavor to answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.



Our Aim:


As your partner, it is in our highest interest to grow and develop your business. Not only will we encourage you to make the best out of every possibility, but we will also invest as partners.


We will help you to raise funds to enable the growth of your business.


We are here to support you on every level at any time.


Corporate Alliance Partners

IP Nexus Logo

‘We support Japanese technology companies to get a head start’

IP Nexus helps Japanese technology companies get a head start and provide value-driven returns to investors and other stakeholders. If you’re interested, please feel free to get in touch.
IP Nexus is an IP commercialization company that builds successful startup companies by collaborating with universities and research institutes to unlock the commercial potential of new technologies and create valuable returns for investors and other stakeholders. With a focus on technology and life sciences, IP Nexus works with universities to identify high-potential inventions at an early stage and provides the commercial direction, fundraising expertise, and management talent necessary to build outstanding companies. 
CleanHearing is one of those IP companies we are investing in as well.

Seedil Logo

‘We are excited about Israeli B2B technology’

SeedIL Ventures strives to invest in early-stage Israeli startups, by co-investing with top-tier funds. They are situated in Tel Aviv, the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their amazing track record shows their expertise in venture capital and their ability to detect potential future Unicorns.


Mentha Partners Logo

‘Hong Kong-based company investing in disruptive blockchain B2B’

Mentha was founded upon a vision to be a front-runner of traditional finance’s (TradFi) inevitable transition to a blockchain-based ecosystem. They believe in the efficiency of a distributive-ledger network and the effectiveness of immutable digital smart contracts. Mentha entered the digital asset space with proprietary trading in Q1 2017 which led to special opportunity investing.


‘We have the final piece of tumor immunology.’

ImmuniT Research is extending an invitation to who share our vision of addressing global health issues. Our approach involves advancing data-driven immunology and measuring the impact of immunity, with a core emphasis on leveraging patented technology for tumor immunotherapy. By targeting a distinct subset of CD4 T cells, we aim to enhance the survival rates of cancer patients. Join us on this transformative journey by becoming a valued partner in our mission.The briefing will take place at 3:00 PM on December 12th, local time in San Francisco.

ImmuniT-Exective Summary / ImmuniT事業内容



In the rapidly changing landscape of future business, we will forge tangible and intangible assets for sustainable leaps forward.

To triumph in the competitive survival of business in this world and to sustainably propel forward, powerful tools are indispensable.
Intangible assets like purpose, brand, strategy, and communication are complemented by tangible assets such as digital services and design.
At UGOH, we assess each client company’s current state and WILL (intent) to create the optimal arsenal and support its implementation.


Unlock your aspirations with 24/7 AI-powered investment intelligence.


Q BRANDS is looking for a Japanese company to partner with Qbrand’s holding company. Q BRANDS invests in AI-based initiatives for 50 publicly listed companies worldwide in the consumer, healthcare, and technology sectors.




Seamless Healthcare with Carecite


Carecite is a service similar to Uber for healthcare. It’s a UK startup that already has 400,000 subscriptions in London and is rapidly growing. We recommend joining if you are in London or have family members in London, to enjoy the benefits of this convenient healthcare system.


Carecite PDF

Alliance Partners

Hideki Matsushita

Hideki Matsushita

Partner in Travel Design & Real Estate in Japan, Based in Tokyo

After working for the Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. in the M&A Advisory Department and the Investment Banking Division of Morgan Stanley, Hideki became independent. In 2018 he...

Moeko Suzuki

Moeko Suzuki

Strategic Partner – Based in Tokyo

Moeko, born Japanese, graduated from Lindenwood University in Missouri in 2010. After working at different business development consulting companies, Moeko established Tailor...

Hitoshi Arai

Hitoshi Arai

Advisor – Based in Tokyo

Mr. Arai specializes in Israeli companies and recently published a book in Japan regarding Israeli startups and their technology. He studied at MIT and later worked in R&D...

Yasuharu Mizukami

Yasuharu Mizukami

KSG Japan Desk – Based in Tokyo

Yasuharu has been working in the financial sector for over 14 years. He started his career in corporate sales and later worked in wealth management. Finally, after finishing his...

Misako “Terri” Terui

Misako “Terri” Terui

FO-Team – Top-player in Investment Banking – Based in New York

Misako served a variety of roles in investment banking including an executive management position in Japan and the US. She has a network of more than 300 institutional investors...

Hitoshi Ueda

Hitoshi Ueda

Advisor – Architect, SO Architects & Associates – Based in Tokyo

As a world-renowned architect, he acted as Mr. Kisho Kurokawa's right arm, took command over large projects, and became independent in 2005. Hitoshi successfully engaged in urban...

Jill Whitney

Jill Whitney

Advisor – Based in Zurich

Jill began her career in the financial markets as a stockbroker in Hong Kong before moving into private banking in Geneva and New York where she worked for several large banks...

Mark Dangel

Mark Dangel

Advisor – Independent Asset Manager – Based in Zurich

Mark is a Wealth Manager for private clients and has been active in the finance industry for over 25 years. He has investment experience in Switzerland and Emerging Markets. In...