This is a topic about pensions that we often get asked about. Knowing about investing your pension fund assets will brighten your future.

  1. Change your job
  2. Lose your job
  3. Getting independent
  4. Stop working, such as baby break 
  5. Retirement ?

Answer: When you terminate your working contract, you can

  1. Transfer your capital to the new pension fund with new employer
  2. Transfer them to a vested benefit account and Invest it by yourself on your own risk. However this depends on several factors: Amount, age, civil status etc.

By law, your capital remains with your existing Pension Fund for 6 months. During this period, you will receive 1% interest. After 6 months, your capital will be transferred to a vested benefit foundation. Most of them do not offer investments, however we recommend to invest this part. There are cost effective solutions based on passive ETF’s. Please ask us for more details. 

Answer: If your capital is on a vested benefit account, you have to take the capital, you cannot have a life long pension (i.e. Capital only). Then you should manage it by yourself, or you delegate the investments.

Answer: Yes. Taxes are calculated by your private domicile  where you are registered. In Switzerland, depending on the amounts, it is between 2.5 -28%. E.g. If you get CHF 20 M in Zurich, 28.6% will be the tax. Therefore HNWIs in Switzerland are often moving tax-wise to the Canton Graubünden, where the taxes range from 3.0 – max. 6.1%. Graubünden are such as Klosters, Lenzerheide, Davos and St. Moritz. 

Answer: I recommend a financial planning of your personal situation. This is a mix of capital, taxes, cost of living & individual needs or wishes. This is very individual. 

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