Expats hit tax bills as high hundreds of thousands of francs after leaving Switzerland. When retuning to their countries, expats are frequently taxed again on pension fund assets accumulated in Switzerland, at rates that can reach up 60 %. But there is a way around this. 

Answer: Yes. But you will be taxed at source in Switzerland, the tax is calculated not by your private domicile, but on the pension fund’s domicile.


Answer: Yes. The tax rates in the canton Schwyz are by far the lowest.

Max rate in Zurich – 8.6% (Where most of the pension funds are domiciled: AXA, Swiss Life, etc.
Max rate in Schwyz – 4.8 %
Max rate in Zug – 6.8%

Answer: You can transfer your pension fund assets to an account in Schwyz. Then, we have to complete the legal requirements. These are the deregistration from Switzerland, proof of domicile abroad and others. 


Answer: You might betaxed apart from the Swiss withholding tax. It is very different depending on the country, it goes up to 60% as income in Denmark, 52 % in Sweden, 35% in US. However: there is a way to save those taxes by doing a smart tax planning and structuring.

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