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Investment philosophy

Our clear and transparent investment philosophy forms the starting point for all our investment solutions and services.

Experience, expert knowledge, and clear values – we make investments based on the macroeconomic assessments of our experienced CIO Office and Advisory Board.

Close to home
We only buy what we understand. This credo applies to all of our investments. That’s why we focus on Swiss companies and Swiss francs – the obvious choice being close to home.

We do not pursue any interests other than those of our clients. In doing so, we do not expect you to take any risks we don’t take ourselves – because we invest our own assets in exactly the same way as those of our clients.

The capital market is constantly changing, sometimes in very unexpected ways. That’s why we don’t put much stock in rigid models, but actively respond to the particular market situation.

For everyone
We offer investment solutions for every asset and life situation. We manage smaller mandates with the same expertise and passion as large ones.

We think beyond just the end of the year. That’s why our investments are just as effective for short-term opportunities as they are for long-term developments.

We buy only what pays interest and dividends. With these returns, we achieve a capital cushion of up to 40% over the longer term.

We cultivate an open and direct communication culture. We always keep our clients up to date.

Our interests extend far beyond just the financial market. That’s why we support young people and the region through our commitments and sponsorships.


IP Nexus Logo

‘We support Japanese technology companies to get a head start’

IP Nexus helps Japanese technology companies get a head start and provide value-driven returns to investors and other stakeholders. If you’re interested, please feel free to get in touch.
IP Nexus is an IP commercialization company that builds successful startup companies by collaborating with universities and research institutes to unlock the commercial potential of new technologies and create valuable returns for investors and other stakeholders. With a focus on technology and life sciences, IP Nexus works with universities to identify high-potential inventions at an early stage and provides the commercial direction, fundraising expertise, and management talent necessary to build outstanding companies. 
CleanHearing is one of those IP companies we are investing in as well.

Seedil Logo

‘We are excited about Israeli B2B technology’

SeedIL Ventures strives to invest in early-stage Israeli startups, by co-investing with top-tier funds. They are situated in Tel Aviv, the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their amazing track record shows their expertise in venture capital and their ability to detect potential future Unicorns.


Mentha Partners Logo

‘Hong Kong-based company investing in disruptive blockchain B2B’

Mentha was founded upon a vision to be a front-runner of traditional finance’s (TradFi) inevitable transition to a blockchain-based ecosystem. They believe in the efficiency of a distributive-ledger network and the effectiveness of immutable digital smart contracts. Mentha entered the digital asset space with proprietary trading in Q1 2017 which led to special opportunity investing.


‘Development of Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine’

This project aims to develop anti-aging and longevity medicine by utilizing cell therapy technology and AI. Specifically, Th7R cells and their related technologies play a crucial role. The project also incorporates cutting-edge unsupervised clustering techniques, which are expected to analyze vast amounts of data and yield new insights. By raising development funds, we can further advance our research and accelerate efforts toward realizing anti-aging and longevity.



In the rapidly changing landscape of future business, we will forge tangible and intangible assets for sustainable leaps forward.

To triumph in the competitive survival of business in this world and to sustainably propel forward, powerful tools are indispensable.
Intangible assets like purpose, brand, strategy, and communication are complemented by tangible assets such as digital services and design.
At UGOH, we assess each client company’s current state and WILL (intent) to create the optimal arsenal and support its implementation.

Social contributions

We contribute to the development of local communities, the preservation of the global environment, and the promotion of art, culture, and sports.


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