Seminars & Training

I provide online and in-person motivational presentations and training sessions for businesses and corporations, organizations, schools, and parent and community groups based on my books as well as my financial and multinational business expertise and experience.


Seminar Topic Samples

based on The Birdfish

  • How to help your child deal with bullies 
  • What makes you different is what makes you special

Seminar Topic Samples

based on The Invisible Gift

  • How to deal with conflict in the workplace
  • How to strengthen relationships with your partner/children/parents/siblings
  • The Invisible Gift – How to harness the power of it in your life
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Seminar Topic Samples

based on Other Areas

  • Family Office related topics 
  • Business related topics 
  • Basic financial literacy and investment for the 2nd generation or for the retirement 
  • Code of Honor vs. Code of Conduct 
  • The intercultural communication gap between Switzerland and Japanese business 
  • Leveraging diversity – How to make the best out of diversity
  • Swiss system and financial business