Corporate Philosophy

Katsura Suzuki & Alliance Partners

Mission and Vision
To continually give, share, show compassion, and help advance humanity. Success in life is synonymous with inner peace. We aspire to be its epitome.

Above the nine guidelines we must always uphold, there are overarching principles: treating others as we wish to be treated.

  1. Celebrate the success of colleagues.
  2. Finish what we start, take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.
  3. Always respect and be completely trustworthy to others.
  4. Always keep promises. Make amends for harm caused by our actions.
  5. Take responsibility for our own actions and do not blame others.
  6. Face challenges and accept compromises to achieve major objectives.
  7. Prioritize team decisions and embrace them.
  8. Do not abandon colleagues.
  9. Prioritize the mission first, then the team, and lastly, ego. All team members agree to uphold these guidelines to the best of their abilities.

Our group operates based on the following ten values:

a) Passion: To be enthusiastic and utilize our talents.
b) Gratitude: Show gratitude, be humble.
c) Innovation: Be innovative, accept challenges.
d) Giving: Be generous and give with goodwill.
e) Authenticity: Show sincerity, be truthful.
f) Quality: Pursue quality, deliver excellent results.
g) Prosperity: Share fortune and resources.
h) Love: Have affection, be considerate, and forgive others and ourselves.
i) Integrity: Be ethical, fair to others and ourselves.
j) Bond: Show empathy, make efforts to connect with others.