The Invisible Gift

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About The Book

As Eastern mindfulness practices have become popularized in the West, we think of the solitary practitioner sitting with eyes closed — focusing the mind on one’s inner world. And yet, this is an incomplete picture of what ancient mindfulness practices have to offer our world today.

Drawing from the forgotten wisdom of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Dr. Suzuki reveals that the ultimate purpose of mindfulness is the discovery of our unique Invisible Gifts that can transform the lives of those we love. The fruit of dynamic mindfulness is not for our sole benefit but is meant to be shared to heal and strengthen our relationships with each other and with our planet.

Dr. Suzuki’s method will be presented with the release of The Invisible Gift: A Breakthrough Mindfulness Method to Strengthen and Repair Relationships (published by Berry Powell Press in November 2022).

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What truly is the purpose of our lives? This book will serve as a guide for anyone who has ever suddenly found themselves in such a quandary.

– Yoshiki Sato, President of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan


For those of us non-Japanese fascinated by the mysteries and profound beauty of Japanese culture, The Invisible Gift not only reveals the depths of Japanese culture but also gives us a new perspective on our own culture and history.

– Yoav Keidar, Israeli entrepreneur, 30 years in Japan


The Invisible Gift is a revelation. Suzuki has woven her own story with a unique insider view of Japanese tradition to create practical pathways for developing and sustaining healthy relationships. A delightful and insightful read.

– Jacqueline Webb-Archibald, Founder of the International School of Central Switzerland,

Wabi-Sabi Method

The Invisible Gift introduces a new mindfulness method specifically designed to strengthen and restore our closest relationships. Based on the ancient wisdom of the Japanese tea ceremony, the book combines Eastern practices with Western psychology to help readers:

  • Increase security in relationships;
  • Increase self-awareness and empathy;
  • Communicate honestly and respectfully;
  • Overcome major differences;
  • Create win-win solutions.

It uses the tea ceremony as an approach to Japanese tradition and explores methods for strengthening and restoring relationships with “wabi-sabi” at the core of the worldview. The book presents the tea ceremony as a “gift” of hospitality, tranquility, purity, respect, and harmony, and through the tea ceremony, it appears to be a method of stabilizing one’s spirit and stabilizing and facilitating relationships with others by receiving and acquiring these five gifts. This is an unprecedented approach to self-development.

If you do not see the link for your country above, please use the Amazon store nearest to you.